Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Quick Letter Week


Man oh man it is so nice to get on and read all of your emails! I absolutely LOVE hearing from you! this past week has been a bit of a roller coaster, but I'll just focus on the positives here. 

Things are going super well with our one investigator Loretta. She is super open and accepts everything that we teach her. She has some trouble living the Word of Wisdom, but has expressed a desire to stop so we are going to help her with that. And, even better, the ward involvement is just phenomenal! One of the ward members invited her and her son to go camping for the 4th of July. Loretta has mentioned how she wants to be baptized sometime so we are teaching her and preparing her for baptism. Things are so good with her!  

Joseph Smith
This past week we dropped in on one of our promising investigators, Winter, with our ward missionary leader. Oh goodness it was such a good lesson. Our ward mission leader, Brother Pulver, shared his favorite scripture and then we went in and taught about the importance of prayer. Winter was able to open up with some of her concerns and worries that she has had. We were able to address her concerns and relate it all back to whether or not Joseph Smith is a prophet of God--which we can know through reading, studying, and praying about the Book of Mormon. 

I finished the Book of Mormon today. President Irion gave us a challenge to finish the Book of Mormon by June 30th, today. He goes home today and we get a new mission president. From reading through the Book of Mormon this last time, it has really stuck out to me that people choose to be righteous when they remember God and all that He has done for them, and how through keeping the commandments, we can have lasting peace and joy. Sometimes being obedient isn't the most fun thing in the world and there may be times when it is hard to do what you know you are supposed and no one else is doing it around you. But, by doing it and sticking up for what you know to be true, I know that that will bring the most self-confidence and personal conviction in our lives. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon and for the chance that I have to teach other people about it and how they can have a remission of sins, receive the Gift of Holy Ghost and continue on their journey towards Christ through baptism. 

Well, I love you all sooo much and I am so thankful for you! Hope you have a great week!!! 

Sister Beth Spencer

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