Saturday, July 19, 2014

Email from July 14!

Things are going well here! This past week has been a bit slower, but we have still been working hard. We have one investigator that we are working with who is progressing quite well. Her name is Donna. Just for a little bit about Donna, she is 72, her husband passed away a few weeks ago, she may have cancer, and she smokes. Needless to say, all of these things have helped her to humble herself and put her in a position where she wants to learn more and strengthen her relationship with Christ. We’ve taught her the Message of the Restoration and invited her to start reading out of the Book of Mormon, starting with the Introduction and Alma 32. She has made it all th way though the Introduction and is currently working her way through Alma 32. We invited her to the Addiction Recovery Program and she said that she is going to plan on coming! We are very excited to see where things go with her!

We also found another investigator this week named Aaron. We were driving past in our car and Sister Hamilton had the thought to stop and talk to him so we did. We got his information and invited him to learn more and he said yes! Aaron is 19 and has a bunch of health issues—aspbergers, anxiety, adhd, and a few other things. He is very open and receptive to our message though so we are super excited about that! We taught him about half of the Restoration this past week and he believed everything that we said. He is going to be praying daily.
We had to give Winter over to the other set of missionaries and this week we followed up with them on it. They had not done one thing with her, so we have made the executive decision that we are taking her back! One thing that I don’t quite know how to handle with Winter is that her head is very up in the clouds. She has the mentality that whatever happens, happens for a reason. I believe that, but I also believe that it doesn’t hurt to take some initiative ourselves…. We’ll continue working with her.

Loretta is also doing well. We are working to overcome some of her fears and concerns. Her main concern that we have discovered right now is that her 9 year old boy has severe anxiety and she is worried how he would react in a church setting. To counter that, we are working on getting the ward invovled the best that we can now.

One of the less-actives that we have been working with quite a bit is Ann Nelson. We have had some great success with her this past week. She brought up Family History to us and asked if we could teach her some more! We told her what we knew and then directed her to the Family History Center! She is going to go and is super excited about it! When we meet with her this upcoming week we are going to go with her!! 

Oh, also we had a ward activity this past week and my companion and I got assigned the nursery. Man oh man those little tikes are fast! We were only in charge of them for an hour, but every one of them had a goal to get out. We distracted them pretty well and it was fun. There was one little 3 year old who kept trying to kiss me. Don't worry though, I kept turning my head last minute so the only thing he got was my cheek. Sneaky little feller. 

I still have the decision of my VISA ahead of me and I’ve made a list of the pros and cons with it all. I don’t think that one way is more right over the other way which is making it super hard for me to decide. There are a few things that I know that I want to happen, but I’m not sure if it really matters where I go now. I’ll keep y’all updated on what I decide.

Love ya!

Sister Spencer

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