Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fourth of July

Dear Family!! 

Well this past week has been much better than other weeks! Sister Hamilton and I have had a lot of success and it has been great!! 

Sister Hamilton and I have been talking quite a bit about our investigator Winter. She is 21 so she should be going to the YSA ward... which another set of Elders are in charge of. After going back and forth, we both agreed that it would be best if the other Elders took over teaching her since we haven't been able to start teaching her family, despite our efforts. Anyways we set up a lesson where we were going to hand her off and everything. We showed up on time and then next thing we know, Winter and her whole family are outside for the lesson! Never happened before. Well, then the other elders showed up with a member so basically it was a small crowd that was there. Anyways, long story short, we finally got an in with Winter's family and we got the mom's information to teach her, but the mom will only let us teach her when we teach Winter...but we just gave Winter away. So we are going to have to figure that out... :P 

There was one night this week were it was about 8:30 at night. Both Sister Hamilton and I were exhausted and all of our plans, and back-up plans had fallen through and we were out of miles to go drive somewhere. It was a bit discouraging. We decided that we were going to stay out for a half hour longer like we were supposed to and just knock doors. Most of the doors that we knocked nobody was interested. We did find one guy, Victor, who told us that we could come back though.Saturday, we went back and taught him a lesson. It was SUCH an awesome lesson. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he said that he would read it. We tried to just get him to read the intro and testimonies so that we could come back in a week, but he was pretty persistent saying that he wanted to read the whole thing before we came back. We are going to try him back in a few weeks to see where he is at. He had great questions though... like what is my purpose here on earth and what does God expect of me.... I am excited to see where things go with him!! 

We had a bike day this past week (which I love!!!) and we had some really great success with that. It was about 8:30 at night and we were biking home (with where we were at, it took about a half hour to get home). As we were biking past some houses, this guy yelled at us to stop and to help him wax his car (He had a legit 1958 ride.) So, we immediately hopped off our bikes just beaming that someone had stopped to talk to us instead of the other way around. The guy was super nice. His name was Daman and his wife's name was Mary. We talked to him for a bit and they invited us to come over the next day (fourth of July) to eat food and just hang out. We went over on the fourth and got them to come and watch fireworks with us at a members house. (there were a TON of members there). I'm not sure how interested they are in our message right now, but we definitely did put a good foot in the door with helping them feel comfortable around other members. I'd say it was pretty good! 

We have not set a date yet with Loretta because she has been out of town pretty much all week. But on the good side, she has been going camping with members and going over to their houses a bunch. Such great ward fellowship! We are super excited that she is making such good friends in the ward! 

This past week the power of prayer has really stuck out to me. I have been working on making my prayers more sincere and heart-felt. In an article that I read this week, it said: "Do we not marvel as we recognize that when we pray, our Father in Heaven is able to give us His full attention—without any other distractions? He sees us, listens, empathizes, and pours out His love and His Spirit upon us. We can communicate with our Father whether we are able to kneel before Him or speak to Him only through our hearts and minds. We can be assured that He is listening and can answer us through impressions from the Holy Ghost." It is so wonderful to know that God is anxious to support us and wants to hear from us. There have been countless times this past week where Sister Hamilton and I have prayed for something and we have been blessed with it. God is so good! 

I love you alll verrrryyyyy much!!! I can feel all of your prayers in my behalf and I am so grateful for them. Thank you so much! Hope y'all have a great week! 

Much love, 

Sister Beth Spencer

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