Friday, September 6, 2013

Uneventful,Yet Eventful Week

Dear Familia!!

How are you all doing? My week has been pretty uneventful and eventful at the same time. I had my surgery on Wednesday and it went pretty well. I am currently in this boot weird thing and I am not allowed to walk a whole lot or at all really.
It is kind of frustrating. During the day, I go to the health clinic to this place called the "sick bed." During the day I just stay in there basically. I really like it in there though. I am the only one back there, so I just read things in Portuguese out-loud, work on my pronunciation, practice learning vocab and sentence structure. It's pretty great and honestly I really like it. I am going to be sort of sad when I have to go sit in a classroom again and re-learn things I have already learned. Oh well, things will work out the way that they are supposed to. With the original bandage that they put on my foot, it bled through that, so the nurse put another one on top and said that if it bled through the second one that they would consider it to be excessive bleeding. It sort of started to bleed through a little bit, so later today I am going to go into the nurse and see what she thinks. In all honesty though, I am not super worried though. I know that the Lord will help me to get everything figured out. 

I met some sisters who are going to Campinas and they live on my Residence hall floor. There are 6 of them and they are all SUPER nice. I am definitely super lucky and have the best mission! That is a fact. I really hope that I will be able to get my visa soon. We'll see what happens though. I'd appreciate your prayers to help my visa come through quickly! :)

This past week I have had a TON of companions. My companions have been Sister Van Wagenen, Peterson, Dunn, and my current companion is Sister Francis. I really like Sister Francis. She is super fun, nice and level-headed. One of the companions that I had, Sister Dunn, I was only with her for a few days, and honestly I am glad I was only with her for a few days. She was SUPER attached to her old companions and so when they left, she had a hard time. I tried to do everything I could to make her happy, but I guess it was hard on her when I had to go to doctor's appointments so she couldn't eat dinner with her district. At least it was only for a few days though. Oh, so super funny though. She left Wednesday morning at 2:30 in the morning and on Tuesday night, I told her to wake me up so that I could say goodbye to her. On Wednesday morning, right before she was ready to leave, she said my name to wake me up, I literally sat straight up in bed and sort of let out a weird noise. She said it was one of the weirdest things she had ever seen and was pretty freaked out. I thought it was hilarious and could not stop laughing for a good 5 minutes after she left. ... some things are definitely only funny when you are in the MTC. :P 

This past Sunday was fast Sunday. We had missionary conference for two hours. On Sunday I was worried about my foot, so I was praying for comfort with it and for it to heal quickly. It was amazing, I felt like the speakers wrote the talks specifically for me to hear. Pretty darn cool. In the talks, they mentioned how the Lord will answer your prayers, he may not always tell you what is going to happen, but if you have faith in him, he will definitely watch over you and do what is best for you. I definitely needed to hear that. 

The past district I was in, was definitely very unique. I am glad I was not with them for my entire time at the MTC. They are kind of super weird and touchy. During class times, I would look over and the Elders would be giving each other an in-depth back massage.... AWKWARD. Yeah, I'm glad I moved districts. On Monday they were all taking pictures since they were leaving, and since I am the awkward person district jumping right now, I got loaded down with all of the cameras. It is kind of hard to feel like I don't really belong anywhere and that I am just there to be the photographer. I was pretty much on the verge of tears, when Seth walked around the corner. He is such a good brother. Such a tender mercy that I saw him!! 

One of the teachers that I had this week was named Sister Tirrell. She is super nice AND she went to Campinas on her mission. I've been asking her a ton of questions and it is super cool to hear all about it! One thing she mentioned to me is that she gained 40 lbs on her mission.... That is NOT happening to me. I guess that kind of worried me. 

On Tuesday night we had one of the best devotionals that I have been to here. The speaker talked about how right now there are 76,000+ missionaries serving in the church and how by the end of fall, there should be around 85,000+ missionaries. Such a cool time to be a missionary. The speaker also went and talked about Jacob 5. The whole olive tree analogy. One thing he mentioned about it, is that all of the prophets just asked for more time for the trees to produce good fruit, and the last servant, asked for more servants to help the trees produce good fruit and right after they got more servants, the Lord came. The speaker mentioned how we are fulfilling a prophecy to be "more servants" for the Lord. He said how the Lord had invited us to be more servants and we were fulfilling that calling. It was a super cool talk. I was so glad that I got to see it. 

It is hard being at the MTC always seeing people going, but I am doing my best to stay positive. I have taught some pretty killer lessons to the walls and chairs in the "sick bed" area. I'm grateful for the alone time though. That's always nice to have. I am so grateful to be a missionary. I love you all VERY much!! 

♥ Sister Spencer

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