Friday, September 13, 2013

Final Countdown!!! . . . Almost

Dear Familia,

Well, yet another week and I am still here at the MTC. I think they are having trouble getting rid of me. ;) JK! 

So for companions this week, they have been switching up quite a bit. At the beginning of the week I had Sister Francis. She was awesome and I loved her! And then she got her re-assignment to Salem, Oregon and left Saturday morning. After that, I went into a trio and my companions were Sister Reeve and Sister Leonard. They were so fun!! I really liked being their companion. One thing that they did which was super nice is that they included me in their lessons instead of just trying to ignore me thinking that I was only their companions for a few days so it didn't really matter. That made such a huge difference. But, they got their visas, so they left for Brazil on Monday.
Now, my companions are Sister Nielson and Sister Hardester. They are so fun!! I feel like I am learning a lot from their example and they are definitely very inclusive as well. Sister Hardester's mom sent a package with socks for all of us in there. And her mom even included me! It was so nice!! I should be with them for the rest of the time that I am here! I am pretty excited for that!! 

My foot is doing well. It is continuing to heal and the nurses here have given me a scooter to go around on so I don't have to walk on my foot. It's pretty fun- I named the scooter Sam (gender neutral name). I've learned how to drift on my scooter and it is pretty fun to do going around corners and everything though! (don't worry, I am definitely being smart!). Because I am on the scooter though, I've been getting a ton of comments from people saying "Oh I wish I had one of those"... or..." Dang, I want to hurt my foot so I can ride on a scooter. As fun as my scooter is to ride, it definitely not worth hurting my foot to purposefully have one. My foot hurts sometimes, but not a lot of the time. It's good just as long as I stay off of it--the scooter is very helpful. I can tell that it is healing quickly. i am definitely very glad that I got a blessing before I went in for my surgery. That is definitely helping out a ton. :)

I talked to my branch president and because I have been at the MTC for so long (I am on my 9th week right now), they do not know what to do with me. My branch president has declared me as a "solo/appendage" missionary. Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, it really isn't that cool. The district that I am with right now has only been here 3 weeks so I am pretty far ahead of them. My branch president basically told me that I get to sit right outside the classroom door and study on my own. I am trying my very hardest to stay diligent with studying, but it is pretty difficult at times... especially since I sit right next to the drinking fountain and everyone and their mother who comes over asks me "where is your companion" and "oh, what did you do to your foot?" It can be a bit frustrating to explain my situation 20 times to everyone who asks. I guess it is really good patience testing for me though.... 

I had a really good lesson this week about "making the mission count." It really energized me to help me continue to do my best. Even though I am in the MTC, I think that I have come to realize that this IS my mission. I can't wait to go out in the field, but I am here now and I am most definitely going to make the time count here and do my best to be a positive influence to others. In my scripture reading this past week, I've noticed the phrase "and the Lord comforted his people." I really like that phrase. I can feel the Lord's comfort in my own life and I know that there have been countless tender mercies which I am so grateful for! (One of which was that I saw my good friend Haley Brogan at work--she works MTC security-- the other night. SO awesome!!!)

I love you all VERY much! You are in my thoughts and prayers! 

Sister Spencer

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