Saturday, August 10, 2013

Week 4 at the MTC


I love you all soo much!!! Thank you for all of your love and support this past week. I really do appreciate it!!
Okay, this email might be a bit scattered, but here it goes.

Last P-day in the afternoon we started this thing called TRC. It is where we have to teach a fluent Portuguese speaker about a random gospel subject. We don't know who the person is or what they need to hear before we start. And we have to speak in Portuguese so it is a bit nerve racking. We taught two people last week, I don't remember their names. But we taught them both abou the atonement. It was actually really fun. My companion and I seem to work super well together! We have TRC again tonight and I am pretty excited for it. We will teach two twenty minute lessons again, and then I believe the week after, we will teach one forty minute lesson.... a little bit more nerve racking, but I think that by that time that we will be able to do it. I am pretty excited for it! :)

On Sunday, there is always a devotional. Last Sunday, Jenny Oaks Baker came and talked. I really liked it. She played her violin and did some talking at the same time. After being talked at all day, it was SUCH a nice break and just what I needed. It really is so nice to hear music that is not piano/people singing. During her talk/performance she had her kids come and play a song. Her kids were absolutely adorable and they sounded nice which made it all the better. :) I am beginning to find more and more that for me, the Sunday night devotionals turn into just what I need to hear. It is really nice. :)

I ran into Andrew Thomas this past week. He got his visa and will be headed down to Brazil on Monday.  I have heard a rumor that Brazil is starting to look at the Houston Consolate.... so that is a good thing! OH AND SO EXCITING!!!! I got called down to the TRAVEL OFFICE yesterday. I had to sign some paper work so that they could re-do something (it had expired). But that is actually a REALLY good sign that my visa should be coming. I had one sister training leader who had to do that and within a week she had her visa. I don't know when my will be coming, but right now I can see myself finishing up my time at this MTC and then getting to go straight down to Brazil! It would be cool if that happened, but if it doesn't, I am honestly fine going stateside for a little while. :)

Okay, I got kind of annoyed this week. They keep giving us sisters modesty talks while being here. So far, we have had three. I can understand one or two, but I guess that my patience just gets stretched when we get taken out of class and out of a good lesson of how to be a more effective missionary to have a modesty talk. One teacher said it was because there were new girls in our district and they wanted them to address the subject, but seriously, do they have to do it during valuable class time? I guess I am a little annoyed because before coming here, I made sure that all of my clothes were modest and before that point, I had already had to sit through 2 of them. Oh well, maybe I needed to learn to be more patient.... :P

So this past Sunday was fast Sunday and one of the things that I fasted for was to be worthy to receive the gift of tongues. It was so cool because the next day, on Monday, my companion and I taught a lesson. After the lesson, Sister Pennington, my companion, commented to me how good my Portuguese was sounding and how much better it was. And then almost right after, my teacher even commented to me about it. Pretty cool. Fasting is such a great blessing! :)

My companion and I are still getting along so great. We have not had any arguments/fights/or any sort of disagreement. She is so great! Two days ago we decided to try an English fast. (Where we only talk in Portuguese till dinner). It went alright. It was sort of hard because we were the only ones in our district doing it. We both want to try it again though. I think our whole district is going to try it on Saturday.  I hope so. I think that would be cool. I am surprising myself with how much Portuguese I can remember and put together. I can definitely feel the spirit in my life. It is such a blessing to have and I love being a missionary!!

My investigators now are Maria and Neumar. Maria is a 60 year old party animal (really it is our teacher pretending to be that so it is kinda weird), but she is the sweetest lady ever! The first lesson we taught her about God's love and committed her to baptism. Now we are teaching her about the word of wisdom and are going to commit her to live that in her life. Neumar is an English teacher in Brazil (also really our teacher). He is a nice guy, but doesn't always keep his commitments which is kind of frustrating. We taught him twice about the Restoration since he said he didn't remember it the first time. This next lesson we have we will be able to see whether or not he kept the invitation we extended to him to pray about the Joseph Smith. Hopefully he did.

For service this week, my companion and I got to vacuum. I got to wear this cool thing that made me feel like I was from Ghost Busters. I looked really silly, but felt pretty legit. I had my roommate take a picture of me, so I will email it to you next week (I forgot to ask her for her camera today. :P)

Super random. So I was laying in bed this week trying to fall asleep. It was about 11 o'clock and everyone was in the room in bed, most everyone was asleep except for me. All of the sudden, I hear that someone is trying to get into our room. They are trying to turn the door knob and put their key in trying to see if it will work. After about a minute, I get out of bed and go over and open the door. There is this small Asian girl. When I ask her if I can help her, she looks at me, her eyes get SUPER big, and she squeals "oh, wrong room" and then literally runs away. I got a pretty good laugh out of it.

Well, I love you all SO MUCH! I know this church is true and that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary and to spread this glorious gospel to those who will listen.

Sister Beth Spencer

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