Friday, August 16, 2013


Dear Family!!!
First off, you are all absolutely amazing and I love you SO much!!!! Second off, Here's about my week! 
I'll go in chronological order. Last Friday we had another TRC session. This one was SO amazing!!! The lady that we taught was a native from Brazil. She spoke SUCH beautiful Portuguese. I definitely find myself falling in love with the language more and more. She helped my companion and I out with the language a lot. It was super nice. I find that I am being able to understand quite a bit, but that I am still not the greatest at speaking.  

 The very next day, on Saturday, my companion and I decided to do another English fast. This one was SO much more effective for me. I feel like with the last one, I just viewed it as not speaking english, and with the one that we did on Saturday, I started it out with a prayer and just had a much more positive attitude with it. I could definitely feel the difference. It was wonderful! I feel like the more that I devote myself to speaking in Portuguese, the faster that I am able to learn.
On Sunday I was feeling pretty home sick. It was still a good morning and all, I guess that I just was really missing talking to everyone. I went throughout the day normal, but then, as I was getting back from the temple walk, I saw Seth drive up! It really made my day to see him. It was such a sweet tender mercy. I am really grateful that I got sent to the Provo MTC first. I love being able to see Seth during the day. 
Elder Richard G. Scott
Then, on Tuesday we had SUCH an amazing devotional!!!! Elder Richard G. Scott came and talked to us!! It was SUCH a great devotional. Elder Scott talked about the importance and power of prayer. He mentioned how God created everything in the universe and how lucky we were to be able to have him want to talk with us. I thought that was such a great reminder that even with all of his creations, he values us all so much and absolutely loves to hear from us. He also mentioned how there are different ways that we can receive answers to prayers and so when we don't get an answer right away it is because the Lord is trying to teach us something. I definitely know that since I have been on my mission, my prayers have become much more personal and heartfelt. I loved his talk. And one of the best parts was that at the end of his talk, he gave all of us missionaries an apostolic blessing. He blessed us with gift of tongues according to our faith and diligence in study! I can definitely feel the Lord helping me learn Portuguese. It is so wonderful. I love all of the devotionals here. No matter what the devotional is about, I can always take something from it! 
Well, you all know how I have had a history of sleep talking, right? Well it was pretty darn sweet. This past week, my companion was having trouble falling asleep and she told me that around midnight I just started talking in my sleep. She said that she couldn't understand all of it, but that I definitely spoke in Portuguese for some of it. She said that I was saying "Obrigada" a bunch. I thought it was pretty cool! Even in my sleep I am starting to embrace Portuguese!! :) 
Book of Mormon (Portuguese)

Also this past week, I finished reading the Book of Mormon again. I find it super interesting how the prophets can warn a people about their welfare and well-being over and over again and people can just disregard it. I know that if we follow the counsel of our prophet and are reading the Book of Mormon that we will be able to stay on the path that we need to. One of the main things that I noticed from doing a quick read of it was that it doesn't take long for a people to become wicked that was once "fair and delightsome." I think the same thing can be applied in our own lives. If we are not watching ourselves consistently then we may find ourselves down a path that we may not want to be down. The Book of Mormon is such a great book and I love reading it and all of it's teachings about Jesus. I know this church is true without a doubt in my heart and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary!!! 

So, time here has honestly flown by. Do you realize that if I do not have my visa by next week, that on next Friday, I will get my reassignment for going stateside! Yeah, crazy times!!! I am fine if I go state side and I am fine if I go straight to Brazil! But.... does anyone have any guesses of where I might go if I get my reassignment? I'd love to hear them!!! :) (I can't be sent to Alaska or Hawaii I have heard unfortunately). 
This past week was a little bit harder than other weeks because my companion and I got sick. My companion went to the doctor and the only thing he told her was to drink lots of fluids and to get plenty of rest. (We had the same thing we think). We have both been drinking a ton of water, but as for the sleep, we can't really do that since we need to be in class. So yeah, but it's been alright. My companion and I found out where all of the kleenexes were and have been stocking up quite a bit.... we maybe snuck a box back to our residence for at night.... :).... we are feeling much better now though, so thank goodness for that!!! 

I love you all SO much!!!! You are all fantastic and wonderful and just overall so unbelievably amazing!!! My foot has been hurting and there is a small possibility that I may have to stay at the MTC longer than 6 weeks for it to heal. I would greatly appreciate your prayers regarding that. Thank you all!!!

Sister Beth Spencer

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