Saturday, August 24, 2013

One Week Left in the MTC!

Dear Familia! 

I love you all sooo much!!! 

Well, big news first if you haven't heard, I have been reassigned to the Tennessee Knoxville Mission!!!! I am SO very excited!!! My companion and a few other people in my district got called to the same exact mission. I am pretty stoked. Because of my foot, I will be here another week, so there is a slight possibility that I will be reassigned... apparently the travel office did not plan for that, so we'll just have to see what happens. I hope I won't get reassigned, but we will see. I know that the Lord is in charge and that he will take care of me whatever happens. 
The first picture above is my reassignment;
the picture directly above is everyone in my
district called to Knoxville with me.

Opening my reassignment!

So I was on crutches for part of the week because of my foot. At first I was SUPER excited. Crutches always seemed so fun.... and then I got them. I hate crutches. They are awful and terrible. But the good news is, is that they did the job that I needed them too. My foot is starting to heal up quite nicely. Another good thing about crutches was that I got some pretty cool perks with them. On Tuesday night, we have devotional so normally all the missionaries have to walk over there. But, because I had my crutches, I got to take the shuttle on over. It was super nice to be in the shuttle. On the way back from the devotional, I got to get on this super legit and nice bus. It was what I would think of as a celebrity bus... and yes, I did feel like a rebel celebrity being on that bus (there wasn't enough room for my companion to be on there as well so we were told that we had to split). It dropped the senior missionaries off at the Marriot hotel parking lot at first, so it was like I got a small tour of Provo. It was nice to see the outside world a little bit and remember that the MTC is not the only thing that exists in this life. 

I got to be a host for new missionaries coming into the MTC this week. That basically means that I got to show the new missionaries where to go and where they needed to be at a certain time. It was pretty cool. The first sister missionary that I got was pretty interesting. Her mom was bawling and she was bawling as well. I tried to tell her that the MTC was a happy place and that she would like it here. However, when I said that, the mom basically let out this nice long wail.... yeah, I didn't really know what to do, so basically I told her that we had to get going and tried to offer some comforting thoughts as well. Luckily the other sisters that I had were not like that at all. The rest were pretty much tearless. I really believe though that the MTC is what you make it though. I have heard of some people absolutely hating it, and other people loving it. I hope that the one girl will be able to make it a positive experience. 

Something funny that happened on Sunday was that Elder Light was released from blessing the Sacrament and Elder Dark was called in. That gave me a good laugh. :) Thought you might enjoy it as well! 

My District
So in the MTC, in building 18M on the 3rd floor, there are some highly coveted "rolly" chairs. My district has waited long and hard for these chairs. Finally, the time came that we were able to steal the chairs from a district that left. We were all soo happy, for about a day or two that is. On the day that my district hosted the new missionaries, the custodians came in and took all of the "rolly" chairs off of the 3rd floor. I won't lie, I was a bit disappointed. Those chairs were much more comfy than the other ones that we have now. Apparently the custodians moved them all to another building. Since we only have a few days left (the rest of my district) we decided that it was not worth it for us to go and find them again.... so let us all welcome another week of uncomfortable chair sitting. :-/ 

We taught one of my investigators, Maria, about the word of wisdom this week. It was so fun and I loved it so much! (Maria is the 60 year old party animal). She has been following the Word of Wisdom ever since and I know that she is being blessed from living it. On the last lesson we gave her, we gave her an apple to keep up the good work... I guess you could kind of look at it like positive reinforcement. She loved it though :). As for our other investigators, Neumar is doing quite well. We committed him to a baptismal date and now we are starting to teach him some of the laws and ordinances of the gospel. He seems to be handling everything really well and accepting it well. I am not sure how much he is reading the Book of Mormon though, I wish he would read it a bit more and pray a bit more. But he is doing so awesome nevertheless. :) For our last two investigators, Nathan and Wayne, they are doing well. Nathan is going to pray about Joseph Smith and being baptized and Wayne is going to pray about Joseph Smith. They are both starting to show more faith. So awesome to see. I absolutely and thoroughly love it!!! 

I think that I have finally decided on my missionary scripture, Ether 12:4.  Just thought you would want to know! 

We had "in-field" orientation this week. It was pretty fun at first! We learned a ton. At the end though, it sort of felt like trying to get a sip of water from a fire hose.... impossible. I am pretty much positive that I will have it again this next week, so nothing too exciting. I guess it is pretty basic stuff though. 

I love you all VERY much!!! You are in my prayers and I am so grateful for all of you in my life. I know this gospel is true and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary!!! Keep the faith!!! 

Sister Spencer

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