Monday, January 26, 2015

3 weekssss 3 weeeeeks 21 daysss 21 daayyysssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Sister-in-Law's Mission President's Wife!
Dear Family, 

Well to be perfectly honest it doesn´t really feel like my mission is coming to an end. Sister Peña and I are still working just as hard as ever here, and we have seen a lot of miracles! 

The beginning of this week was pretty hard. it felt like everyone was rejecting us. All of the first lessons that we taught, people flat out told us that we were crazy, that it was impossible for the story of Joseph Smith to be true because no one could see God. in all of these circumstances, we bore our testimonies and told them that we knew that Joseph Smith really was a prophet called of God, that the Book of Mormon is holy Scripture, and if anyone wants to know it for themselves, all they have to do is to ask God. 

During the end part of the week Sister Peña and I were really blessed. We were trying to find new investigators and we found this guy named Diego. We taught him the message of the Restoration, and invited him to be baptized on February 14th. He accepteddddd!!!!!! and it was a miracle!!!!! I am SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER excited about this!!!! We are going back to teach him on Thursdayand have an awesome member to go with us.This is going to be great!

We received a referral this week-- Lenice. We went there with a member to contact her. The lesson was super great. The spirit was SUPER strong. Lenice is super open. She is going through a lot of challenges in her life and really wants to strengthen her relationship with God and do His will. We taught her the message of the Restoration and also marked a baptism for her on the 14th of February! Wow! WHAT BLESSINGS!!! 

And, it doesn´t end there. At church on Sunday, we had 3 random people show up for church. One was a person who was always walking past the church and felt like she should go, so she went!She said she LOVED church and that she will be returning the next week with her husband1!!! The other two were friends of an inactive member. The inactive member decided that he needed to return to church so he brought his two friends with him! Miracles!!!!!!!

Well, I know, without a doubt, that this church is true. That Joseph Smith really is prophet called of God and that the Book of Mormon is Holy scripture. Through keeping the commandments, we can experience true happiness in our lives. 

I love you all tons!!!!

Much love, 

Sister Spencer

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