Monday, January 26, 2015

28 More Days to GO!


Well, just about everyone already knows that i only have 28 more days left!!!!!! And I am super super excited to come home. But at the same time, I am working hard and focusing on the work and not being trunky. I only have 28more days to be a representative of Jesus Christ in Brazil and i am going to work hard until the very last day! 

Miracles. This week has been a bit harder, a bit different. But still, this is the work of the Lord, so we´ve seen some miracles! 

- we went to visit an inactive member named Adelia. She´s an interesting lady, but she loves her family a lot. After our visit with her this past week, we asked her if she knew anyone who would be interested in receiving a visit from the missionaries. She passed for a minute and then said yes--her neighbor! Getting a referral from her was a miracle for us!! 

- Our cellphone is out of minutes now and so we´ve been going to the church to make our phone calls. This past week we were trying to get ahold of a member. It was urgent and we had the wrong number. She lives in an apartment complex that is restricted so we couldn´t go and knock on her door. We tried everything possible to contact her but nothing was  a few . We said a prayer and then continued working. That night as we were walking back to our house we found them! The had gone to the grocery store that is in front of our house (far away from their house) to buy a few things. Prayer works!!! 

- One of the missionaries who lives in our house blew out the lights this week. I don´t know if any of you have ever tried to get ready for a special day at 5 in the morning without any light. It doesn´t work out that well. We had multizona this past week and ended up leaving our house at 6 in the morning. When we returned it was 8:30 at night. We were thoroughly tired and it was hard to plan for the day without any light. We said a prayer that we´d be ableto have light again. Not even 5minutes later the lights magically turned on! I don´t know what happened exactly, but it was a miracle!! 

- We´ve been meeting with this less-active family-- Alinio and Isabel. This week Isabel opened up to us and started talking about the small ways that she is starting to see her testimony grow. It was a miracle because so many people dismiss the small ways they see the Lord´s hand, but she didn´t! She recognized!!

I am so very grateful to be a missionary! I know that this church is true and Joseph Smith really did see HeavenlyFather and Jesus Christ. Through reading the Book of Mormon, I know that every person can know this truth for themseves. We are teaching a person named Cristina. She is Espirita. (basically she believes in reincarnation). It is very clear to me that God is a God of order and if we want to know something, we can pray and ask Heavenly Father. And then, through the Holy Ghost, we can receive an answer. 

i love you all so much!!

Much love, 

sister Spencer

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