Monday, December 29, 2014

Moved P-day for the Holidays

Dear Family!

Well it is was sure sad not to have p-day on Monday. It is always nice to have a break in the week to hear from you all. Needless to say, I am VERY grateful for p-day today!! 

This past week we have definitely seen some miracles. This past Sunday we actually had a baptism!! It was for a 10 year old girl named Ana Julia. Her parents were recently baptized and she attends church with them. Ana Julia didn´t want to get baptized earlier because she does not feel like she had received an answer that she should be baptized. She´s quite the diligent little girl though. She reads her scriptures every day and prays. Sister A. Silva and I decided that we would go over there and teach her about the promptings of the Holy Ghost and how she can recognize her answer. Annnndddd then she was baptized on Sunday and it was wonderful!!! 

This past week it has been so easy to see how the Lord answers prayers for the little things. We had two experiences this past week that I thought were pretty cool. The first was that we were headed over to a member´s house. The connection on the phone was awful, we couldn´t hear what she was saying, and she couldn´t hear us, and then the phone call died. We couldn´t really wait any longer because we had commitments later on in the day so we decided to get on the bus and call her like crazy. We got on the bus with the other set of sisters in our ward. One sister was calling over and over trying to get a connection, and the rest of us were just praying that it would all work out. Well, the phone call finally went through after 20 minutes and it was the perfect timing. The very next stop was the one that we needed to get off. I know that that phone call going through was an answer to all of the prayers that we were saying. 

Another experience that we had with prayer was right after district meeting. We were talking to our leaders about dessert and how we really wanted a dessert. One of the people pulled out his planner and asked what we wanted. I said sorvete and my companion said Mousse de limão. He wrote those two things down and said that he would pray for us. I didn´t really think too much of it till we got to our lunch appointment for the day. Guess what we had for dessert.... sorvete, with the flavor of mouse de limão. Specific prayers sure do work!!
This week has been a bit hard with the fact knwoing that I had the chance to come home in a week and I decided to stay, but I things are still going good. My companion and I get along really well so that is good!
I know that this church is true and that our Savior lives. I know that this is His church and that everyone can pray and receive an answer through the Holy Ghost. I am so grateful for this Christmas season and that I can remember that only through my Savior and Redeemer can I be with my family forever, overcome the difficulties in life, and have hope for a better world.
I love you all tons and am so grateful for you! 

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