Monday, December 1, 2014


Dear Family!! 

Well, we had transfers this week and I am now in Jundiaí.My ward is called Novo Horisante. It is about an hour away from Campinas. My companion is Sister A. Silva. She is from Brasil and is absolutely wonderful!! I love being her companion. We are currently white-washing an area and it is definitely a bit of a challenge. The missionaries that were in this area previously did not keep the area book updated (area book is where missionaries are supposed to put all the information about investigators, members, areas to go, maps, etc). So, this week has been a bit difficult trying to find people to work with. We´ve taught a bunch of first lessons to people, but we are habing trouble finding people with real intent. Either the people don´t want to read, aren´t willing to pray, or they just don´t care. Blahhhh! Super frustrating! 

As for Thanksgiving. Well that was a bit of an interesting day. Since I from America, me and another Sister (Sister Acevedo... also American) had to go to this school and teach everyone about American traditions for Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving, don´t get me wrong, but it is hard to talk about Thanksgiving for 45 minutes in English with people who are learning English. The school had a bunch of questions for us to answer, thank goodness... but at the same time, there were a lot of questions that I did not know. For example, one of the questions was: Why does the president pardon the turkey. It was my turn to answer the question, I said that I didn´t know, but assumed it was because the president had the authority to do so and he wanted to let one turkey live..... yeah. sure was interesting. But that was it. Ate normal Brasilian food for Thanksgiving... and no, I am not tired of it... yet. :) 

Cool part about the week: President gave permission to Sister A. Silva and I to go to the baptism of Allan.... It was really special because we both had the chance to teach him! We left our house at 4 in the afternoon and just barely made it on time for the baptism at 8 o´clock... gotta love efficient transportation!

Well sorry this letter is a bit shorter today... not a ton of things have happened this week... we are mostly working on trying to find new people to work with and get to know are area more. I love you all TONSSSSSS!!!! 

I am praying for you! 


Sister Spencer

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