Monday, December 1, 2014

Last Week's Post . . . Pre-Thanksgiving!

Dear Family!! 

Wow, what a week! It has just flown by and it has been an AWESOME week. So many things have happened so I´ll just tell you some of the highlights. 

ALLAN WILL BE BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY!!!!! Yeah, it´s happenning and I am SUPER excited for him. He has really put forth a lot of effort to get to this point and I know that he will continue to grow and to learn. His son, Natan will baptize him. Without a doubt it will be a VERY special moment. 

Evans is still preparing for batism on the 6 of December. He is reading and praying daily. Even with the language barrier, he is just diong great! He understands what we say, thinks about it, and then comes back with real constructive questions. It really shows that he has real intent and a sincere heart. It is so great!! 

One thing that Sister Mitchell and I have been trying to do is to follow all of the good thoughts that we have. With this, we saw one miracle in particular this week. We were going to contact a less active member of the ward that lived in an apartment complex. When we got there, a woman came to the gate and we asked if she could go knock on this member´s door and see if we could visit. She did, and came back and said that he was sleeping and immediately turned around and started to walk away. We had this thought that we needed to talk to her, so we called her back and started up a conversation. Because we followed this small thought, we found out that she was a member of the church, baptized 6 years ago, but hadn´t gone for 4 years. We got her information and will be going to visit her. She isn´t quite to the point of wanting to go to church yet, but we did invite her to an English class that we have and she seemed SUPER interested in it. This was definitely a miracle and a blessing. Always follow the small thoughts! 

Well, this week Sister Mitchell and I got burned from mango milk. Who would have thought, right?? So you know how if you put lemon juice on your skin and then walk in the sun it burns your skin so you get a blister?? Well it´s the same thing with mango milk. This week for one of our dinner hours Sister Mitchell and I decided that we wanted to collect mangos to eat later on in the week. So, we found a lovely park with mango trees and began the process of collecting a mountain of mangos to eat later. Brilliant, right? Yeah, I still think so. Well, with all of those mangos fresh plucked from the tree, some of the juice from the stems got on our skin and when we walked in the sun, well.... we got burned and then found out later that night. Regardless though, I still am VERY excited to eat the mangos. 

One of our recent converts, Almir, is really an example to me of a member missionary. He was baptized about a month ago, but he is just on fire!! He talks with everyone about the gospel and defends the church right and left! This past week he gave us a referral for the person who cuts his hair! Wow, when i return from my mission, I sure hope that I can continue to talk to everyone about the gospel in small ways like this! 

Well with all of this great work and all of the things that I have learned in this area, I found out yesterday that I will be transferred. I´m a bit sad about leaving.... but I know that my new area will be good for me! 

I love you all tons!!!

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