Saturday, August 2, 2014

I'm becoming a Trainer!

Dear Family!! 

Well I guess the first and best news that I have for this week is that we have transfers coming up and that Sister Hamilton will be leaving and I will be getting a BRAND NEW missionary to train!!! I am super excited! Sister Hamilton has been a harder companion for me and it will be super nice to get a brand new missionary who is excited to work!  I feel like it will really help me to expand myself and rely even more on the Lord. Let's just say that I will be praying a ton more so that I can more fully rely on the Spirit! In the ward that I am currently serving in, the Farragut Ward, there are Elders and Sister missionaries. President Griffin has decided to take the Elders out of the area and just have us take over the whole area. We currently live outside of our ward boundaries, so we will be moving into the Elders apartment since they are leaving. Elders have always lived in that apartment so I won't lie and say that I'm not a bit nervous for what we might find in there.... :P. Other than that news, it's been a pretty normal week. Full of ups and downs. 

Sister Spencer helped in the Nursery and got her picture on the wall :)

We have one of our investigators, Donna, who is just on fire right now!! I'm not sure if I mentioned last week, but she has decided to study the Book of Mormon, Bible, and Addiction Recovery Program Booklet each and every morning for about an hour!! She is recognizing the spirit so much in her life and she says that she just absolutely loves it! We have been taking members over to go and see her. On Friday we had a lesson with her, but last minute she had to cancel. We had one of the ward members, Sister Manion, going with us (she had met Donna before) so we called and let her know the situation and cancelled. Well Sister Manion was a doll and went over and saw Donna herself just to make sure that she was alright. Talk about awesome fellowship will ya! I was super excited about it! Donna is a bit nervous to go to church with us, and she keeps saying that she is not ready quite yet, but yesterday when we went and saw her in the evening, she mentioned how she was thinking about us that morning when we were at church and part of her wishes that she was there! We are super hopeful that she will come next week! 

So I had to give a training this past week in District Meeting. I was pretty nervous for it considering that I've been super good at dodging the bullet all the other times and this was the very first one that I've ever had to give. I had to give it on the fall of Adam and Eve. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do and how I was going to make it creative, but I just studied it out a bunch. To make it creative and a bit interactive, i made normal cookies and then another cookie where I switched the salt and sugar amount. I did this to represent "opposition in all things" and how Adam and Eve didn't really comprehend just how good they had it in the garden because they had never experienced anything different. Anyways, not sure how good of a job I did at describing part of what I did, but hopefully you get an idea. 

We taught Aaron again this week. Man, Aaron sure helps Sister Hamilton and I to improve our teaching skills. We think he understands the message of the Restoration in his head, but not really how it pertains to him or anything... so maybe that really means that he does not truly understand it. We'll still be working with him and helping him understand more fully how he can benefit from it. We asked him to come to church on Sunday, but his mom said no becasue she didn't know who would be there. Hopefully we will be able to teach his mom soon too! We'll see what happens. 

Y'all are such great examples to me and I love you so much! Thanks for all that you do! I hope you have a wonderful week!!! 

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