Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I am a Trainer!

Dear Family!! 

Well, Sister Hamilton has officially left and secretly I am a bit glad. It was difficult to be with her, but we worked through our differences and made it work the best that we could. I am now training a new missionary, Sister Linford. She is from Kaysville Utah and is ubberrr nice. She has a great desire to work hard and we have had a lot of success this past week. I can tell that she is super great at following the spirit and at listening to the needs of our investigators. I'm hoping that before I leave this area that we will be able to get a baptism or something. We'll see what the Lord has in store for us. I think it's going to be a great transfer!!

Our investigators. Donna is doing just wonderfully!!! This past week, we have had a lot of contact with her and it has all been positive. We've taken her over to a member's house for dinner, had a lesson with her, did service, she came to church, and the addiction recovery program! She is just on fire. She loves feeling the spirit. She wants to come back to church next Sunday and is hooked on the addiction recovery meetings. We've talked to her quite a bit about how she feels the spirit and she has identified herself that she feels it when we come over to teach her a lesson, when she comes to church, and when she goes to the addiction recovery program. We told her that the next time that we go over we are going to talk to her about how she can have the spirit with her all of the time... aka Baptism!! We are super excited! She does have some friends who are extremely anti-mormon, but we feel like we have gotten her to the point where she knows what they say is not true and can feel the spirit between us and when other people are saying negative things about us.

The Bishop this past week had us over for dinner and even had a non-member named Jenny there! It was SO awesome. And that was even Sister Linford's first day here. I'm not quite sure if the lady is open to hearing us teach her, she is currently just looking for a job. Our ward mission leader has been trying to bring up church stuff with her (she went to him to apply for a job as well), but every time he tried, she just shot him down cold. We'll see where things go. 

Things are going well with Aaron. He's been a bit sporadic in conversations in the past, but the lesson that we had with him this past week was super legit. He said he was super tired so I'm not sure if that just meant that his brain was too tired to take tangents so he actually focused on what we said or what, but it was awesome. We taught about prayer and committed Aaron to start reading the scritpures and praying to know if the Book of Mormon is true. He knows that if he gets his answer that it is true, then he needs to be baptized. It was probably the best lesson that we have had with him thus far. We are still trying to get his mom to come. Apparently last week she gave us a "test" to see if we really were real missionaries by not letting him go to church and seeing how we responded. We passed the test apparently so he can now still meet with us. 

Got pretty sick this past week. I had the flu. I'm pretty sure that Sister Linford brought it with her from the MTC, and then I just got it when she came here. So we were both sick for a few days... talk about companionship unity I guess... :P. those were some rough days, but things are MUCH better now. I just look like Rudolph and sound like a frog. no big deal. Great to get new investigators. :P

I know this gospel is true and I am so glad that I have the chance to serve a mission. Each day I am clearly reminded of God's love for his children and how God has a plan for each of us and wants all of us to succeed. I'm grateful for the challenges that I have had so far on my mission and how they have helped me to grow and to rely more on the Savior. This gospel is amazing and even better than that, it is true!

Well, I love you all tons! thank you so much for all that you do for me and all of your prayers! Best of luck this week!

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