Wednesday, January 22, 2014

MLK Day, Marijuana, and My 6 Month Mark!

Dear Family!! 

Well as I am sure you have figured out by now, I did not email on Monday because it was Martin Luther King Day. We still had a pretty fun P-day though. My companions and I went grocery shopping and then we decided that we wanted to go out to lunch. So we went to this place called Salsaritas. It was pretty good. I had this weird tortilla pizza. I would go back.. but it definitely does not compare with Cafe Rio. Anyways. Besides that, we didn't really do anything fun. And now, I get to email you all!! 

The work here is going well. We have been working with Samantha quite a bit. She was supposed to be baptized on this Saturday, but as of right now, we are postponing it. She is having some concerns that we are working on addressing. I think for me, I don't always realize how big of a lifestyle change living the gospel can be for some people. She is great though! She has been reading her scriptures and praying daily. I know that she is continually growing and coming closer to Christ. I hope that she will get baptized soon, but at the same time, I don't want to get her into something that she is not ready for. She met with President Irion today though and she is getting ready! She is still progressing well!

Our other investigator with a baptismal date is Shirley Moore. She is progressing well and is just about one of the most amazing people that I have ever met! Her husband is a member already and she has mentioned to us before that she knows that the end goal is the temple to be sealed to her husband. This past week we taught her the Message of the Restoration and later today we are going to go and teach her the Plan of Salvation. I am excited to be working with her and feel so honored! The Lord truly is blessing us in this area! 

Funny story for ya'll that happened when I was at the grocery store. We were going down the isle, headed to the dairy section. I make awkward eye contact with this one guy so I figured that I would start a conversation with him for a quick minute since my one companion had stopped to grab something off the shelf. I give him the whole thing of "Hi, I'm Sister Spencer, a missionary from the Church of Jesus Christ ...." and so forth. We get to talking for a minute and he asks me where I am from originally. I tell him that I'm from Colorado. Immediately, this guy perks up and says: "Oh! They sale Marijuana there!" I was a little taken back by that being his first reaction so the only thing I thought of to say back was "Well yeah, they definitely do." The guy stopped for a minute, and the said "Well do you want some since you are from Colorado?" I politely declined. You definitely do encounter all sorts of different situations on your mission I guess. :P

Well in some aspects this week has been a little rough for me. At some times, I feel like there has been a little devil on my shoulder telling me all of the things that I have been doing wrong, or did not do quite good enough. It really took it's toll on me, but I feel like I am doing a lot better now. I have been reading a lot about Faith in my personal study and how I can have more faith in the Lord. One of the cool things that I read is that faith in the Lord leads to faith in yourself. So when you are living the commandments and doing all that you can do, you can have faith that what you are doing is inline with what Christ would have you do. I know I am not perfect, but I guess that I came to realize this week that as I show my faith in the Lord through diligent effort, even though I may make some mistakes and not always say the perfect thing, I know that Christ is there helping me out and that he wants me to succeed. 

I past my 6 month mark this past week!! Sister Wynn was so nice to me and made me some delicious beans and rice (she tried to do it like they do in Brazil... she said someone taught her). I don't know if it was exactly like it is in Brazil, but regardless, it was still really good! I was glad that she remembered and celebrated with me! :)

We are trying to involve the members more in our missionary efforts. By involving the members more, I feel like we are able to help our investigators get even more fellowship in the church. I am excited for what further progress we will have. 

I feel like I have been growing in my trust in the Lord a lot. VISA waiting is definitely a bit of a struggle sometimes for me, but I can say that I love being here. For me, it all boils down to the fact that I know that the Lord is in control of everything and that it is best for me to be here right now. I know that and I am grateful to be here! 

I love you all and am so grateful for you! Hope you have a marvelous week! 


Sister Spencer

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