Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sister Spencer's Birthday Week! Send her mail! :D ~Tara

Dear Family! 

Well this week has been very good! Our investigators are progressing quite nicely and have been improving quite a bit. We are truly seeing so many miracles in this area and I feel so special to be a part of it! 

This past week we taught Jared the Plan of Salvation and the Word of Wisdom. Wowee, I don't even know what to say about Jared. He is just on fire. When we taught him the Plan of Salvation, he kept making comments about how loving and kind God is and how it just made sense. We would ask him a question that would lead into the next point that we were going to teach and he would just answer the question and explain the next point to us! He is also doing really well with the Word of Wisdom! He committed to stop smoking. He is still working on it, but he truly is showing a real desire and it truly is amazing! 

We have started to teach a new family--the Looneys. They have a friend who is out on a mission who referred them to us. The Looneys are doing super well. When we went over this past week we just answered some of their questions and introduced the Book of Mormon. They are truly prepared to hear the gospel... so open! It's great!! We have another time set up to go and see them this week to teach the message of the Restoration. I am super excited and think that they have a LOT of potential! 

Another person that we have started to re-teach is a gal named Tami. For past missionaries, she has been an eternigator (eternal investigator). Since I am fairly new in the area and my companion has not taught her before, we decided to go and teach her the lessons all over again. We taught her the Restoration this past week and it was sooo great! She made a comment in the lesson that really stuck out to me. She said "You know, the more I hear the Restoration, the more it just makes sense!" We tried to commit her for baptism on May 3rd, but her husband is getting a hip replacement the week before so she won't be able to do it. This week she should be praying about a baptismal date that feels good for her! So excited to see where things go with her!!! 

We've been doing a ton of work in this area re-activating some of the less-actives. There are so many tender mercies on a daily basis that my companion and I see. It is awesome! 

My poor, poor companion has been so incredibly patient with me this past week. I guess that I have started to get some real crazy sleeping habits. :P Everyday this past week I have woken up my companion either because I have been sleep talking so much or just thinking it is time to get up. One night, apparently I woke up around 1 in the morning and thought it was time to get up so I sat up in bed and turned on the lamp that was right next to me. The light on woke my companion up so she watched me for a minute in bed and then finally asked me "Why is the light on?" Her speaking to me must have woken me up. I looked at my watch, realized it was 1 in the morning and so I looked at her and said: "I don't have the faintest idea!" We both went back to sleep after that. I keep apologizing to Sister Neil about it. She is very good natured and always just says it is funny for her. Really though, now I'm not as surprised as to why I am sooo tired when I wake up in the morning!! Even at night I am still talking and teaching points of the gospel! 

This past week I had the chance to watch this mormon message. If you have time, I would highly recommend ya'll to watch it:
I know that God truly is our loving Heavenly Father. We all make mistakes and do things that he would rather us not, but despite all of that, he will never abandon us in times of trial. As we put our faith and trust in God, and put him first, he will truly help us to come out on top in life. I know that God wants us to succeed, and most of all, that God loves us much, much more than we can comprehend!! 

Sister Spencer

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