Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekly Email!

Dear Family,

Well, another week has gone by! Seems like the weeks are just flying right on by now. This week has been pretty good though, definitely a lot of ups and downs.

Last Sunday I sat next to Samantha and was talking to her a little bit about her schedule for the upcoming week. I made one small comment to her about going out with us to teach one of our other investigators some time. A few days later, we went over to her house and were teaching her a lesson. At the end of the lesson, she brought up going out with us so we set up a time to do that! Since I'm in a trio right now, we decided that we should go on splits. Lucky for me, I got to go with Samantha and Sister Liebing and Wynn went together to go and visit some other people. I was a little bit nervous about how it would go since she was just recently baptized, but figured that things would go alright. Samantha is SUCH an awesome teacher. It was really cool because I would say something pause, look at her, and then Samantha would start up with exactly where I would head off. We went and taught this lady named Charlcie and it was just a great lesson!

Our other investigators are doing well... or at least most of them are. People this week have become expert at avoiding us. This week on Thursday we had three solid appointments. We went to the first appointment, as soon as we got there, we get a text message from the person saying "Sorry, I am running a little bit late. Could I reschedule for later today?" Because of our schedule we asked to do it a different day since we had appointments back to back. We do a few things in the area that we were in, then went to the next appointment. As soon as we see the neighborhood that we are going to turn into, we get a text from that person, Brianne, saying that she is sick and asking us if we could possible come at a different time. We said sure (because really, what else can you say to that??) and tried to set up another time.  In the middle of all of that, our third appointment for the night cancelled on us. It was a bit discouraging. But I guess you could say that it built character having everyone and their mother cancel on you.... happens a LOT. We have a baptismal date with Brianne. However, this past week she has been sick and so has not met with us or attended church. I don't want to be lacking faith in her, but part of me is actually wondering if she actually is as sick as she says she is or if she is just trying to avoid us. Hopefully we'll find out in this upcoming week!

So one thing that my companions and I are working on is becoming exactly obedient... even to the really small and seemingly insignificant things. One of the things we realized that we have not been doing is checking the tire pressure and oil when we get gas. So, we repented and said that every time we were going to get gas, we would do those things. So, this past week, we went to get gas and all of us hopped out of the car to do everything in a time efficient manner. Sister Wynn started filling up the car with gas, Sister Liebing started working on checking the oil, and I started working on checking all of the tires and their pressure. On the very last tire, my fingers were getting cold and a little numb, and as luck would have it, I dropped the little cap to the tire pressure inside the hub cap.... also known as the depths of no return. Basically, there was no getting it back. Sister Wynn became super concerned that the air in the tire would slowly start to leak out if we did not quickly find a cap for it. After scrounging around for a bit, we finally decided to take the cap off of the spare. Everything turned out fine, and turns out the cap on the tire doesn't do anything for keeping the air in! The whole situation was pretty great though. It was about 9 o'clock at night. Three girls in skirts, not really knowing what they were doing and attempting to figure things out.

One scripture that has really stuck with me this week has been Helaman 3:35. It says: " Nevertheless they did fast and pray oft, and did wax stronger and stronger in their humility and firmer and firmer in the faith of Christ, unto the filling their souls with joy and consolation, yea, even to the purifying and the sanctification of their hearts, which sanctification cometh because of their yielding their hearts unto God." I have been working on fasting more with a purpose and making my prayers more sincere and heart-felt. I know that the Lord is blessing me with opportunities to strengthen my faith in him. I am so grateful for my Savior and for the chance to teach other people about His wonderful gospel!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers for me!! I love you tons and am so grateful for all of you!!! You are great!!


Sister Spencer

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