Monday, February 10, 2014

Cupcakes and Speedo Adventures

Dear Family,

Sister Shirley Moore got baptized this week!!!!! It was wonderful! The Elder's in this area had a person that they were baptizing as well so we just did a double baptism. Us, with Shirley Moore, and them with Cyril Hipolito. The baptism was scheduled at 4 pm. So at 2:50, we pull into the church to start getting things ready for the baptism. And guess who was already there with all of her family? Yep, Sister Moore was so excited that she decided that she should show up an hour and some early. It was pretty great. It was really special to see how excited Sister Moore was. Her husband baptized her. He hasn't been very active for a while so it was a really great experience for both of them! Well, we weren't sure if there were going to be a ton of people bringing refreshments or anything, so I decided that I would make some cupcakes to bring along. I finished them up in the morning, they looked great, put them safely and securely in the trunk of the car and then we went to go and pick up the Elders. When we picked up the Elders, they decided that they wanted to put their backpacks in the trunk, so they, being completely oblivious to everything, just swung their backpacks right on in the trunk.... just happened to be right on top of all the cupcakes I had made. It completely ruined them and was a tad bit frustrating, but it turns out that a ton of people bought treats so everything turned out good in the end! I was really happy with how many people showed up from the ward! We had such a great turn-out! It was a very big tender mercy for me!!!

Well, we've had some really interesting experiences this past week going to contact some less-active members in the ward. One person that we went to go and try and see in the past was this girl named Jessica. When we went there the first time, she wasn't there and this one guy, Jefferson, said that she didn't live there anymore. We started talking to him at the doorstep and see that he and his girlfriend have a little baby girl. He said that we could come back later and share our message with him if we wanted to. We've gone back a few times, but he's never been there. Last night we finally went and tried him again. When we knocked on the door, this older man answered. We asked for Jefferson and the older man invited us in and went to get him. It took Jefferson a good 5 minutes to come out, but when he finally did we started talking to him and scheduled a time to come over. He mentioned how he had school from 12-4 and we set up a time to see him. As we were leaving, we asked him what he was studying. There was this awkward pause and then he said "Well, I'm still in High School." So, basically, if I were a fly on the wall describing this situation, 3 young teenage looking girls, came to his house and asked him when they could come back and meet with him in front of his parents. It was pretty great. Sister Wynn did a pretty good job redeeming the situation by inviting his family to join in, but it was still just pretty awkward.

One of the other people that we have been trying to go and visit is named Trevor. First time we went over there, as we were walking up to the house, Sister Wynn made a comment to us saying, "I didn't look too closely, but I think there is a naked guy in there." Sister Liebing and I ignored her not thinking too much of it. No one answered the door. Second time we went to the door, I didn't look too closely, but there was definitely a naked/pretty close to naked man in there. Thank heavens no one answered the door! Well, last night we were having a super good night and a lot of luck with wherever we were going. So the three of us decided together that it would be a safe night to go and try this guy again. Right before we go up to the door, we said a quick prayer in our car. I said the prayer and in the prayer and asked Heavenly Father that Trevor would be there and that whoever answers the door would be wearing clothes. Well, walking up to the door there is no sign of the mostly naked man. We are in luck! We ring the doorbell. Sister Liebing barely says under her breath "Uhhh, guys! Someone is coming!" By the tone of her voice, we know that it is not good. This 60 year-old overweight man answers the door in nothing but a speedo. We quickly ask if "Trevor" lives here. He proudly declares that Trevor lives in Utah. The three of us just said "oh good" and walked away. I guess that I should start being more specific in my prayers and ask for people to be wearing pants and a shirt. Really though, thinking about it. Some people try to scare us away by having yappy dogs or other things like that. This guy, tried a tactic that completely caught us off guard. I can guarantee that we will not be returning to that home again.

Well along with all of the interesting people that we meet here, we definitely meet a ton of nice people too. One of the people that we met this week was a set-in-stone Baptist. He was very nice though. We got in a conversation about Christ, gave him a pass along card with our number on it and invited him to go to to learn more. About 5 minutes after we left the doorstep, he came running out of his house with some cookies for us. What a nice guy!

Well I was 100% positive that I was going to be transferred this transfer... nope. Looks like I'll be staying here one more. This will be my 4th transfer with Sister Wynn and my 3rd with Sister Liebing. We all get along really well and I am super excited to see what miracles will happen this next transfer!

I love you all tons! Thank you so much for all of your love and support!!

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