Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Weekly Letter!


Sounds like it has been an eventful week for all of you. I'm sorry to hear about the events that have happened. I have been keeping everyone in my prayers and will continue to do so! I'll include my remarks for Grandpa in a separate email. 

My companions have been getting much better this week. I still personally think that we are spending too much time at some of the ward member's houses, but it is getting better! My one companion, Sister Stone, went and did exchanges this past week so she was gone for two days so it was just Sister Horkley and I. It was actually pretty fun. I definitely like just having two people better than three, but oh well. When we were together, we did some awesome finding. Earlier in the week,  I had gone and looked through some of the old potential investigators trying to find some people that we could go and teach. One of the people that I thought that we should go and see was Darren Cross. When we went to go and find him, he wasn't there. Only a really scary dog and a neighbor who was high beyond belief and had a lovely plot of weed growing in her house. Lovely. Well, we were going to leave since no one wanted to hear our message when up pulled his other neighbor in the car. She was a super hyper lady. We talked to her and she seemed really interested in going to church.... she mentioned it to us before we even brought it up. I wonder if part of that was because of our name tags and she wanted to seem like a very religious person. Who knows. We are going to go back and teach her this week and I am VERY excited to see what happens! 

The ward members here are very nice and each very different. There is this one family that is all healthy and vegetarian (They won't eat altoids because apparently they have horse hoof in them, but whatever) and then there is this other family who only eats carbs and meats. Interesting. I am still searching for a family who loves to eat fruits and veggies, but unfortunately not a ton of people seem to like that. haha. Cool thing though, this week I tried fried oreos this week. They were okay, tasted a lot like fair food. One of the lady's in the ward said that she was going to make this thing called grits for me. She keeps going on and on about how good they are.... hopefully they are THAT good. 

We had zone conference this past week. It was pretty good. We went to a church building in a different city. It was just a ton of speakers and sitting for a few hours and listening and taking notes to stay awake. I think a lot of being a missionary is sitting and taking notes. By the time I come home, I should be pro at it. Anyways, one of the speakers talked about how in this life we have things that we can hope in... such as the Savior, the gift of the atonement. But in this life, there are things that we can only hope for... such as receiving eternal life. I had not thought of it this way and thought that was interesting. While we were at the zone conference though, I saw some old people from my first district in the MTC. They had arranged to have a Portuguese lesson with one of the lady's in their ward from Brazil. Because I was at the building at that time, I got to sit in! It was awesome!!1 I love Portuguese so much. And, the lady gave me some awesome Brazil candy. I was pretty excited about that. It actually tasted good and wasn't super duper sweet like some of the candy here is. Don't remember what it is called though.

I finished the Book of Mormon for the second time on my mission this week. It was awesome finishing it again. I love that book and how every time you read it, there are different things that you pick up. One of the main things that I picked up this time as I read it was the importance of deciding your attitude, standards, beliefs and sticking to them and also the power of Christ and how he can heal you. That was super nice to hear, especially with my foot! I'm now working on reading the Doctrine and covenants since I have never really read that before. So far it has been great! 

My companions got a kick out of me this week. At night we have the phone on loud volume so that the alarm will wake us up in the morning. Well, apparently one of our investigators decided to text us at 3 in the morning. She sent two texts so it woke me up. When I woke up, I realized that I was super hot, so I went and got a fan, turned it on and went back to bed. I couldn't fall asleep and decided I was super hungry, so I went and got half an apple to eat. I figured everyone was asleep so I just went straight back up to bed and ate it in there.... well apparently the texts had woken them up to because as soon as I started eating my apple, it fully woke both of them up. They were both so surprised that I would eat something at that time... I guess they have never done midnight snacks before. But yeah, they have been giving me quite a bit of grief about it. 
General Conference was awesome. I'll skip summarizing the talks since I assume that you all watched or are going to watch it sometime. We went over to a member's house to watch it and it was definitely different. The first session that we were there, before the conference started, I was talking to one of my companions and we were laughing at something, I don't remember what. She told us to be quite and listen to the prelude music... the next day we went over there, she had assigned seating for us. Yeesh, we're not two. :P

I love you all so much!! I am praying for all of you! 

Sister Spencer

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